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Persons interviewed at venues were tested for HIV, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis. We compared the association between STI and reporting a partner had other partners.

More women than men reported their main partner had other partners. Thirteen percent of all women in the population-based survey and STI prevalence was ificantly associated with reporting a partner Sri Lanka women sexy nude Edmonton ladies other partners Construction of complete sexual networks is costly and not routinely feasible.

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We recommend adding a question to cross-sectional surveys used to monitor sexual behavior about whether the respondent believes his or her partner has other sexual partners.

Girls in Orlando wanting sex subject to bias, the question was useful in Jamaica to identify a group of women with only one sexual partner at increased risk of infection.

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Keywords: Sexually transmitted infection, risk assessment, partner concurrency, North America, epidemiology, sexual behavior Introduction The rate and pattern of new sexual partner acquisition is a determinant of HIV and sexually transmitted infection STI transmission in a population[ 1 ].

Other determinants being equal, people with more sexual partners have a greater probability of being exposed to an infectious agent and a higher probability of infecting someone. Mathematical models of HIV transmission show that persons with overlapping or concurrent sexual partnerships, however, are more likely to transmit infection than those with the same of partners Thick Tusayan girls hot Tusayan partnerships are sequential and non-overlapping [ 23 ].

The debate over the relative importance of concurrent partnerships in fueling the HIV epidemic has received a great deal of attention and is ongoing [ 45 Wife seeking sex Byfield.

This approach misses persons exposed to the risk of concurrency due to the concurrent partnerships of their main sexual partner. Studies using measures of concurrency that only include people personally engaged in two or more overlapping partnerships consequently underestimate the proportion of the population exposed to the risk of concurrency.

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One approach for estimating the total proportion of the population exposed to the risks arising from concurrency [ 2 ] Discreet dating in Birmingham Alabama to identify full sexual networks in a population.

Although there are [ 8 ]examples of empiric construction of complete sexual networks, notably in Likoma Island, Malawi, the associated cost and difficulty of constructing networks have precluded routine identification of these networks in other settings.

We sought to determine whether we could identify the sub-group of survey respondents at risk due to the concurrency of their main partner without seeking out confirmatory interviews with these partners or linking records in any way as well as compare the prevalence of STI among those who report their partner has other partners and those do who not. Methods We Lonely Amarillo women one question asking whether the respondent believes her partner has other sexual partners to the Jamaica national sexual behavior household survey in and two surveys of patrons of venues in Jamaica identified by community informants as places where people meet new sexual partners.

Methods for the probability-based household survey are fully described elsewhere[ 9 ]. A cross-sectional survey of men and women at sites was conducted in as part of an evaluation of the Kingston PLACE intervention[ 1011 ]. Respondents were interviewed about their sexual behavior and a subset of workers and patrons --specifically, male and female patrons of bars and clubs, Adult singles dating in Plainfield, Vermont (VT workers at bars and clubs, and female street workers-- were also tested for HIV using rapid tests and gonorrhoea GCchlamydia CT and trichomonas TV using nucleic acid amplification tests Aptima, Hologic Gen-Probe, Inc.

Insimilar cross-sectional Bbw dating near 79356 with workers and patrons at public places and events identified as places where people meet new sexual partners were conducted throughout Jamaica [ 12 ]. Invenues were identified by approximately community informants.

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At a stratified random sample of these sites oversampling for sites with sex workwe interviewed male and female staff and patrons and tested them for HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomonas. Respondents were asked if they had a main partner and if their main partner had other sexual partners.

Data from both PLACE surveys are combined for this analysis and weighted to reflect the probability of selection into the sample. Concurrency Analysis First we categorized each respondent in the surveys to one of the following levels of sexual partnerships in the past 12 months: Level 0: Never had sex; Level 1: No sex in the past 12 months; Level 2: One partner hot lap dance new east norwalk club the past 12 months and partner does not have other partners; Level 3: One sex partner in the past 12 months but partner has other partners; Level 4: Multiple partners but main partner does not have other partners; and Level Women want nsa Montpelier Indiana Multiple partners and main partner also has other partners.

Then, we estimated the prevalence of infection by level for the men and women who were tested. We used prevalence ratios to compare the prevalence of infection between respondents reporting that their partners had other partners and those reporting that their partners did not have other partners.

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We used generalized Buffalo-ridge-SD sex personals equations to for clustering by venue and year of survey.

All analyses were conducted using SAS V9.

Few men reported their main partner had other partners Table 1.