Downing Park

established in 1897

Officially open to the public in 1897, Downing Park is renowned for its spectacular views of the Hudson River, peaceful 35-acres of ponds and meadows, and central location in the city of Newburgh. 

The Shelter House, a round stone building at the edge of Polly Pond, was built in 1934 to originally serve as a shelter for ice skaters to come change their skates and get cup of hot chocolate. After falling into disrepair, the Downing Park Committee began using the space for their events, and by 2018 the Shelter House Cafe was born.

The park continues to grow and develop new program, events, and restore much of the beauty and structures that make this park so unique.

Whether you are visiting for the day, traveling through, or a long-time local, we hope that you enjoy the park and all it has to offer!

See you at the Downing,

The Downing Park Planning Committee

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